Success of IEEE Sections and, in turn, of ComSoc, largely depends on the support of local and regional industries. We cannot expect such support unless these industries understand what is in there for them. Quite often an industry is not aware of what they may gain from association with IEEE/ComSoc. In other words, we must address the real needs of the Industry and help bridge them to the public good and the academia in order to advance common goals and foster and strengthen the symbiotic relationships.

As a matter of fact, Industry is one of the important vertices of the ComSoc Member Relations Golden Pentagon. Specifically, the charter of the IEEE for industry engagement comprises the following:

• Promote and inform the concept of IEEE as a progressive technical information provider to industry and its employees
• Work with industry to establish an understanding of their needs, and to demonstrate how IEEE can help address their needs
• Promote and inform the relevance of IEEE support in developing or changing technologies
• Encourage the establishment of leadership training within the regions and sections

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